NEC Elections 2021 – A Message From the Branch Secretary

Dear member,

You will shortly be receiving a ballot paper to participate in the elections to UNISON’s National Executive Council (NEC). The ballot opens on 4th May and closes on 27th May.

The NEC is made up of representatives elected from all of UNISON’s regions and service groups (i.e. Higher Education, Health, Local Government etc), as well as seats for four Black members, two young members and two disabled members. It has the power to act on behalf of the union and is responsible for implementing UNISON policy and delivering on the union’s objectives and priorities.

The NEC election matters and the Branch Committee encourages you to use your vote and to help shape the future of UNISON!

For the two Higher Education seats LSBU Branch has nominated Sandy Nicoll & Kath Owen who have a track record of leadership and fighting for members.

Sandy Nicoll & Kath Owen stand to transform UNISON and will:

  • Create real change to win for members.
  • Redirect union resources to branches, to better support you at work.
  • Coordinate serious national action on pay and defend pensions.
  • Fight employers’ ‘fire and re-hire’ tactics, worsening our terms & conditions
  • Greater focus on Covid-19, to better support members’ safety.
  • Fight against the scourges of racism, and all forms of discrimination.
  • Prioritise UNISON’s role in fighting the climate emergency

Please use your vote!

Our branch has also voted to nominate the following candidates in the respective NEC constituencies:

Greater London Region seats: Helen Davies, Liz Wheatley, Andrew Berry, Anju Paul

Black Members seats: Julia Mwaluke, Nimisha Trivedi, April Ashley, Huge Pierre

Young Members seats: Lilly Boulby, Kiera Hilder

Disabled Members seats: Paula Carlyle, Sharron Nicoll

If you have any questions about the NEC election, please email

Best wishes,

Jonathan Buckner

LSBU UNISON Branch Secretary