10 Ways to Support London Met on 4th June

1) Visit our picket lines: all London Met Uni buildings will have pickets on 4th June, 8.30am-11am

2) Come to our Rally outside the original Women’s Library building; where the London Met Board of Governors are having their ‘strategy day’. 

When? 12-2pm

Where? The Women’s Library, 25 Old Castle Street, London E1 7NT

The Governors are refusing to meet with or listen to UNISON to resolve our dispute, so we’re going to have to turn up the noise …

3) Join the Facebook event.

4) Sign the petition and share with all your networks.

5) Students can sign this statement too.

6) Tweet with  the Hashtag #HandsoffLondonMet

7) Come to our social afterwards … Where? Duke of Somerset, 15 Little Somerset Street, London E1 8AH From 3pm … 

 8) Fwd this email to all your networks.

9) Print this leaflet and hand out at other events.

London Met 15-06-04

10) Contact us with your ideas on what else we could be doing and what you can offer…

 Go to UNISON branch website for more: http://www.londonmetunison.org.uk/

 And UCU: https://uculondonmet.wordpress.com/

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