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LSBU students – Stand Up to Racism!


This Saturday 18 March             #MarchAgainstRacism











#NoMuslimBan #StandUpToTrump #TheresaTheAppeaser#EUMigrantsHereToStay #RefugeesWelcome #BlackLivesMatter#NoToIslamophobia #NoToAntiSemitism #DefendFreeMovement#MigrantsWelcome #BridgesNotWalls #LoveMusicHateRacism

Join LSBU students going to the…..

  • National Demonstration on UN Anti-Racism Day Supported by the TUC, Unison, UNITE, NUT, CWU, UCU, ASLEF, PCS, FBU, BFAWU, MEND, Love Music Hate Racism, UAF, Woodcraft Folk, Love Music Hate Racism

 Getting there – meeting up at….

Elephant & Castle 11am outside Bakerloo Tube entrance

Brixton 11am outside the Tube station

Other groups meeting-up in Hackney, Islington, Waltham Forest, Islington, Lewisham, West London, look here for your nearest contact point.

Main Assembly Point – 12noon at Portland Place.W1A. Nearest tube is Oxford Circus .Look for the student bloc  Everyone will then march to Parliament Square for a rally at 2pm. Route map here.

Some of the groups who will march together:

Student SUTR has a student bloc on the day (see facebook event here).There are also blocs for Housing, LGBT+, Refugees Welcome. , Health workers LoveMusicHateRacism, environmentalists and many more.

Industrial Action Ballot

Dear Higher Education Members,

After our members voted overwhelmingly to reject the inadequate 1.1%, we are now asking you to vote in the industrial action ballot and have your say in higher education pay! Many local branches have been highlighting the huge increases in Vice Chancellor pay, the increasing numbers of those paid over £100,000 and the large surpluses across the sector. If you haven’t used it yet, check out this map and compare the different data across Universities:

Click on the blue link at the top for more information from your Greater London Service Group Executive Team and to find out why they are voting Yes to Strike Action and why they are asking you to as well. We believe  it’s important that Universities invest in their staff as well in bricks and mortar!

Do you want to know what your pay would be without recent years of low pay increases? Use our salary loss calculator:

The Higher Education 2016/2017 Pay Ballot opens today and your ballot paper should arrive on your doormat in the next couple of days. Whether you vote to accept or reject, please take a few moments, use your ballot paper and pop it in the post.IMG_0927[1]

BURSARY OR BUST MARCH: Continuing the fight to save NHS bursaries


We have called another march against the cuts to the NHS bursary. We are a grassroots, student led campaign and need your support! March with us for NHS bursaries and for the FUTURE OF THE NHS!

NHS bursaries are a LIFELINE for many – the cuts will affect podiatrists, physiotherapists, dental nurses, speech and language therapists, radiographers, occupational therapists, operating department practitioners, midwives, nurses, dieticians and other AHP’s.

We, NHS students, work up to 50% in clinical placements (full time) which is why the bursary is fundamental to us because working part time is very difficult. We are not asking for special treatment, we simply want to keep our financial support in order to be healthcare professionals. If the NHS bursary is cut, it will mean only those who can afford to pay will become healthcare professionals. We strongly believe that a diverse range of people in healthcare professions is important.

We believe that less people will want to train, or retrain, to be healthcare professionals. For nursing, the evidence shows that less equals higher mortality rates. There is currently a deficit of 24,000 nurses which is set to continue to grow. An apprenticeship route has also been proposed for nursing which would mean that those training would recieve approximately £3 an hour. We feel that this is incredibly unfair.

In Osborne’s Autumn spending review, it was revealed that NHS bursaries would be cut and replaced with a loan system. Furthermore, with a freeze on loan repayment thresholds and a rigid Agenda for Change pay scale, NHS students who qualify into their professions will be dealt with further cuts in their pay. The NHS bursary campaigners support free education for all.

The imposition of a loan system is an attempt at breaking the tie between students and the NHS to pave the way for the complete dismantling of the health service in order to privatise and profit. NHS bursary cuts are simply the tip of the iceberg.

Please join us!
Supported by: The Peoples Assembly, DPAC, King’s College London Student Union, Unite, NUS, Unison,the RCN and GMB!

We will have a special performance from the AMAZING NHS CHOIR!!!
Vivienne Westwood
Roger Mckenzie Assistant General Secretary of Unison.
Dr Aislinn Mcklin-Dougherty and Dr Mona Kamal
Our amazing Helen Corry reading some of her wonderful and original poems
Ann Corry a patient and lover of the NHS
More to follow very soon… this space


More Details

10 Ways to Support London Met on 4th June

1) Visit our picket lines: all London Met Uni buildings will have pickets on 4th June, 8.30am-11am

2) Come to our Rally outside the original Women’s Library building; where the London Met Board of Governors are having their ‘strategy day’. 

When? 12-2pm

Where? The Women’s Library, 25 Old Castle Street, London E1 7NT

The Governors are refusing to meet with or listen to UNISON to resolve our dispute, so we’re going to have to turn up the noise …

3) Join the Facebook event.

4) Sign the petition and share with all your networks.

5) Students can sign this statement too.

6) Tweet with  the Hashtag #HandsoffLondonMet

7) Come to our social afterwards … Where? Duke of Somerset, 15 Little Somerset Street, London E1 8AH From 3pm … 

 8) Fwd this email to all your networks.

9) Print this leaflet and hand out at other events.

London Met 15-06-04

10) Contact us with your ideas on what else we could be doing and what you can offer…

 Go to UNISON branch website for more:

 And UCU:

Stop the London Met Job Cuts – Sign the Petition

London Metropolitan University has announced plans to cut 165 academic and professional support staff. The staff unions and students are fighting the plans.


Open letter

Dear London Met Board of Governors,
We are writing to implore you to reconsider the current plan to cut 165 academic and professional support staff at the university, and instead join with staff and students in developing an alternative plan to effectively grow the university to secure its future. 
London Met has long played a vital role in providing educational opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged groups in society, and we are some of its very many supporters. Unfortunately, we believe that its proud record of widening participation and student centred teaching and learning is now being put at significant risk by the current redundancy plan and strategy of shrinkage being pursued by the vice-chancellor.
We further believe such staff cuts will only act to greatly accelerate the spiral of decline that has already significantly damaged the university’s prospects over the past few years.
The loss of London Met would be a loss for the whole of London, and, in particular, the predominately working class communities it expressly serves. We therefore urgently call upon you to turn away from this misguided strategy of shrinkage, rescind the planned 165 job cuts, and join with staff and students in developing a coherent, workable, and forward looking recovery plan for the necessary re-growth of London Met to enable it to continue serving the needs of its communities.
Initial signatories:
Jeremy Corbyn MP (Islington North)
Councillor James Murray (Executive Member for Housing, Islington Council)
Liz Lawrence (UCU President)
Jon Rogers (Unison National Executive)
Aaron Kiely (NUS National Executive, London Met student)
Sean Vernell (City and Islington College UCU)
Max Watson (London Met Unison)
Mark Campbell (London Met UCU)

Tell John Lewis to pay cleaners the living wage!

 The Oxford Street customer protest group will be holding a protest outside John Lewis’s flagship store on Saturday 21st March at 2pm, to support the cleaners’ demand to be paid the Living Wage. Support from other customers very welcome!!

Other customers have written to John Lewis to protest about the level of pay to the cleaners and have received a variable response – one customer received a phone call within 24 hours. This customer had stated that she had ceased to shop at John Lewis and Waitrose – after many years as a customer. 
So please continue to support the petition by telling your friends and contacts, using Facebook and Twitter, support the customer protest on 21st March and write to the company : –